Earning and spending money are two different skills we need to master. Once we get the money, we need to plan on how to use it wisely or else we’ll lose all that we’ve gathered in an instant. Unfortunately, budgeting for the long term is not as easy as it sounds because there are a number of factors one needs to consider. Wondering how to budget?  Worry no more! At Dr. Money we help you take full charge over your spending, saving, emergencies that may require funding and your financial future by guiding you on what and where to invest, wisely. If you're overwhelmed with debts, we can refer to you to a trusted bankruptcy trustee in Toronto to help with debt management.


  • Your health

Illnesses can strike at any moment when you least expect it. When it befalls you, you can easily channel all your money to better your health because it is what that matters. When you join hands with us, we help you save for your health so that when you fall ill you will have enough to cater for your bills.

  • Your dental health

A healthy smile brightens up your appearance which is why we invest our time in it. Dental care can be damn expensive especially if you are intending to correct your teeth arrangement, color or general appearance. However, if you start planning early for these procedures, life will be much easier as you will not have to drain your bank account for it. Doesn’t that sound promising?

  • Your home

If you are aspiring to get a mortgage from trusted lenders it could be a bit tricky especially if it is your first time. Lenders can easily lure into a home loan with high interest rates which will take you ages to clear. Hiring us on the other hand, will give you a chance to sit back and relax as we do the searching and paperwork for you. Since we have your best interest at heart, we will get you a loan you will be comfortable with.

  • Your car

Whether you are a student or have just landed your first job, you need to plan on buying a car. Auto loan financers may reject you if you have a poor credit score or you are a first time creditor which is quite frustrating. As Dr. Money, we have our way around and we can help you get that auto loan you desire. In fact we will ensure you get the best one in the market.

  • Your retirement

When it comes to retirement, we believe there is no one that is too young to start saving. Yes, even if you have just clocked 21 because guess what? You may consider retiring early and start a venture that you are passionate about. On this we cover both independent and assisted living. Assisted living is specific for the elderly or those with disabilities.


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