Being an all rounded agency, we cover the most important financial issues to make your life much easier and enjoyable. Our services revolve around:

  • General Insurance

Under this insurance category, we cover your home, car, travel, medical, dental and many more. Depending on what you want to be covered against, our services are customized to handle it. Some insurance covers include:

Home and content insurance- your home is your haven which is why you should secure it from unwanted persons. Burglars for instance can cause damage or take items that will cost you an arm and a leg to recover. This insurance cover helps you recover better.

Travel insurance- now who doesn’t like travelling? Travelling is every person’s hobby and especially if there will be no hurdles along the way. This covers flight cancellation, lost luggage, overseas medical and dental care.

Car insurance- needless to say, your car is one of the most useful assets you possess which is why you should ensure it is secured. If not, prepare to go to your bus riding days.

  • Personal Life Insurance

In the event that you become incapacitated or you die, your wealth needs to be safeguarded from benefiting those that are not your beneficiaries. Personal life insurance is caring for those you will leave behind. It will help your family move on without financial constraints because you saved for them.

  • Business Life Insurance

Apart from your health and home, your business too needs to be secured against risks. Your business being your income generating tool, it requires attention in regards to safeguarding it from eventualities that will stall its progress. As Dr. Money, we guide you through business risk insurance which will prepare your organization to handle risks that may come its way. 


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